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Is Abbie Cornish Pregnant

Or you ve eaten too many egg yolks d or you are pregnant. So Abbie Cornish figure was a catalyst for excited whispers from the actress flew to Australia at home on Sunday. A fuller figure and a trip home with his film star lover have added Grist Mill rumor that Abbie Cornish may be expecting a baby with lover Ryan Phillippe. L expanding waistline is a sure-fire indication of one or two things when you re a 26-year-old actress.
11.12.08 09:51

Britney Spears Drops 500k 1 With Quot Circus Quot Moves Record Tour Tickets

According to the Womanizer singer label, Circu has sold more than 500k in its first week of correspondence record ticket sales tour. Britney Spear fell down and got a double dose of 500k. While official sales numbers are ardesiata to hit the net later today, Spears return the album is said to have been moved 504, 507 refills a few copies of this year top releases including efforts recently issued by Beyonce And Kanye West..
11.12.08 09:51

Kylie In Sydney This Thursday

Kylie, whose latest album has just won his fifth Grammy an appointment, will pocket $ 1 million for the concert. In his only public appearance in Australia this time on the part of his ongoing tour of Kylie Minogue will visit the city of Sydney Myer to promote his fourth new fragrance, Darling Kylie Minogue Sexy. Sexy Kylie Minogue jets in Mumbai next month to record a piece of music for AR Rahmans Blue, a film by director Anthony d butant D Souza. Bianca Dye will be viewing a few hours before Kylie to keep the crowd entertained and given a swag of awards including Kylie Minogue fragrance, concert tickets, showbags, CD and the opportunity to meet the princess herself impossible. About Kylies fee, you said that he was paid what he deserved. DSouza told HT City, I will be able to give an official summons on Thursday, once the contract is signed.
11.12.08 09:51

New Posthumous Award For Heath Ledger Quot Quot Dark Knight Quot Role

Box-office records after its release in July.. Heath Ledger late Australian actor received a second award posthumously here Tuesday as the Los Angeles Film Critics Association honored her performance in Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight. Ledger is a heavy favorite to land a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his spellbinding portrait of Joker the arch-villain of the film, which shattered a number of U.S.
11.12.08 09:51

Keanu Reeves Will Smith Jennifer Connelly At The Premiere Of The Day The World Stood Still See The P

Both Will and Jada Pinkett Smithy wife were accompanied on the red carpet at Jaden, who is one of the main ports of the film, a remake of 1950 sci-fi cult classic.. Will Smith done a good job of trying to embarrass his son at the premiere of his new film The day the Earth stood still yesterday evening in New York.
11.12.08 09:51


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